What is cloud computing & what does it look like?

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What is Telemanagement and why it is vital today?

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The Internet of Things (IoT), how it works for you.

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What we do…

Cloud, Telecom, Internet Solutions

CTI Solutions was established in 1995.
CTI4biz is an Information Technology Consulting and Brokerage Firm that concentrates in 3 areas;

  1. Cloud Computing and Processing
  2. Telecom Management
  3. IoT Solutions

Our Mission is to help our clients save time, effort and money as it relates to these three technologies.



” We switched to a full VOIP system about 3 months ago, it’s wonderful.  It’s a whole new world of being connected wherever and whenever I want.”

Scott “Oz” Osborn
Osborn’s Automotive Inc

Classic Club Bellatrix

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